ZOOMIN Church Services

Updated: Jan 15

A few Zoom recordings of services can be seen on our Facebook page under videos (left side)


Preludes at the beginning of each Sunday service are slideshows I create from my images or gathered from the internet, to help gather us together for worship. My wife often plays a song or a classical music soundtrack. Thank you, - Tom Szalay

PLEASE click on the links here to get a taste of what we are about.

https://youtu.be/0vb1ZgdLvVE The Creation. Photography of Ernst Haas. Sept. 16, 2020 prelude

https://youtu.be/6OkjIchjL6c Trouble in these fields August 30, 2020 prelude

https://youtu.be/pA_yF0xGfTU Spiritual in Art - Kindinski. August 23, 2020. prelude


Morning Has Broken slide show at Beus Pond, 2020. click link


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